August 17 2016

Living in Brooklyn

Surviving in the City Without a Yard

Any city dweller will tell you that, no matter how much they love city life, there is unquestionably One Major Downside.  I mean, obviously there are a few, but the big one for many people is the lack of outdoor space.  As I go back and forth from my Brooklyn…

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August 03 2016

Health & Wellbeing

Things You Can’t Buy at the Store

I work in consumer PR, a discipline that attempts to sell products to people by influencing them via the media.  If you detect any undercurrent of judgment in that sentence, then you probably can guess why my name and face are not blaring all over this blog. Don’t get…

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July 31 2016

Saving Money

Costco vs. Boxed vs. Jet

Sorting out my dysfunctional relationship with my money, I embarked on a project that for many people is so basic as to be laughable: Knowing the price of things. As obvious as this sounds, such knowledge has eluded my notice or ability to remember, in any meaningful way, the price…

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July 28 2016

City Living with Kids

Summer Reading List for Thoughtful Kids

My children are having a pretty lazy summer.  We went minimalist on day camp and after a few trips visiting relatives, we’ve finally settled into a long-awaited calm and unscheduled couple of weeks.  This has left plenty of time for summer reading (er, intermingled with arguments about…

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July 24 2016

Health & Wellbeing

Dodging Flame Retardants with My Sewing Machine

I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for why kids’ pajamas are drenched in flame retardants.  There were probably some terrible stories back in the 80’s of extremely flammable children spontaneously combusting in their beds.  Or 6 year-olds falling asleep while smoking on the…

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