September 22 2016

Happiness,Health & Wellbeing

What If We Didn’t Have to Fear Old Age?

Many people despair at the idea of growing old.  I am old enough now that I’ve witnessed some of the people I know and love change quite a bit with age. They have evolved into less happy versions of their younger selves. I can say very honestly that…

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September 17 2016

City Living with Kids

Financial Survival Guide for City Families

The decision to raise your children in an expensive metropolis can turn into a mental argument that you re-litigate inside your head daily.  You love your home, but struggle against the constant tide of things working against you.  Everything usually boils down to money, which could fix many of…

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September 12 2016


The Ballad of the American Working Parent

I hope that by the time my children become parents, American society will have progressed to become a more enlightened place to raise a family. I enjoy working.  But if I didn’t have to work, I probably wouldn’t.  No matter how much you may enjoy your…

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September 08 2016

Health & Wellbeing,Living in Brooklyn

Get Ready for the Demands & Delights of Fall

School has begun, there’s a brisk note in the air and time already feels as if it’s speeding up faster than Robert Downy Jr. at the Less Than Zero wrap party. Fall is the best time of year in New York. But getting back into those…

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August 31 2016

City Living with Kids,Family

Top Five Picks for Family Game Night

At our house, any night that we can make family game night happen, is a good night.  Finishing dinner, getting baths and homework out of the way, and prying phones, ipads and video games out of everyone’s hands is an accomplishment on par with completing the New York…

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August 27 2016

City Living with Kids,Living in Brooklyn

Five Things to be Grateful for When You Live in a City

Life in New York City can be really hard, especially for working families.  The indignities are rapid fire. I can only imagine it’s the same in any other large or expensive city.  There was a story in New York Magazine recently written by a woman who talks about…

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August 24 2016

Family,Living in Brooklyn,Sanity

What We’ve Lost as We’ve Gotten Richer

I have always been struck by how my grandparents, aunts and uncles on both my mother’s and my father’s side said the same unbelievable phrase to me: “We didn’t know we were poor!”  I have marveled at this my whole life.  How…

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August 19 2016

Health & Wellbeing,Productivity,Sanity,Time Management

A Week of Mental Decluttering

There are times when circumstance offers you a little chance to do a reset.  You should try not to miss those opportunities.  For me, it was my children being at their grandparents house for a whole week.  If there is one thing being child free offers, it is the ability…

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August 17 2016

Living in Brooklyn

Surviving in the City Without a Yard

Any city dweller will tell you that, no matter how much they love city life, there is unquestionably One Major Downside.  I mean, obviously there are a few, but the big one for many people is the lack of outdoor space.  As I go back and forth from my Brooklyn…

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August 12 2016

Health & Wellbeing,Living in Brooklyn

What My 98 Year Old Aunt Knows About Food

Do you know what an apple tasted like in 1926?  Or a steak for that matter?  I don’t.  But my nearly 100 year old Aunt Connie does.  Whenever I go visit her in Staten Island, we mostly talk food.  She is sharp as a knife and even though…

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