January 22 2018


The Tyranny of Too Many Photos

When I got married, someone gave my husband and I a “Christmas, Year by Year” photo album. Every year we stick our Christmas card in there as well as one or two photos from Christmas.  It is a beautiful thing in its engineered edited-ness.  As I ordered…

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January 05 2018

Health & Wellbeing,Saving Money

Economy, Grace & Eating Well: Trick Yourself into Doing Better

By now, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I’m never going to be the willfully perfect person of my fantasies.  Even as I’ve figured out how to make some meaningful improvements in my life, sometimes I need to tap into my hard…

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December 22 2017

Busy-ness,Happiness,Living in Brooklyn,Productivity

Obsessive Productivity Disorder

Do you ever have a day where you get into bed at night and your legs hurt because you have literally been running around for 15 hours straight with the possible exception of two small breaks sitting down while eating in front of the computer? This actually happens to me…

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December 12 2017

Greater Good,Happiness

Choose Your Battles

Hello strangers! It’s been a while. I have to admit, I am feeling exhausted lately and have found it hard to make any sense of my inner dialogue, which is sounding somewhat more like a nonsensical string of HTML, than sentient English. I have not been able to…

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November 10 2017

City Living with Kids,Family,Happiness,Living in Brooklyn

New York Holiday Traditions will Get You Excited for Winter

Have I mentioned that the time between Halloween and Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year? There are so many reasons why, but I think what I love most is returning to the special things that I always do this time of year. There’s just something about…

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October 24 2017

City Living with Kids,Family,Happiness,Health & Wellbeing,Outdoors

Hiking the Bear Mountain Loop with Kids

I’ve been a little AWOL. Fall is so busy and work has been draining, leaving little energy for my extra-curricular pontificating. But, truthfully, I’ve been so consumed with the horror stories in the news, mainly in relation to the mass, seemingly institutionalized, sexual harassment and…

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September 29 2017

Greater Good

The Case for Compassion

Americans never fail to be swept by a collective moral imperative to help people when disaster strikes.  There is some genuine compassion at the core of who we are as a nation. After a hurricane (or at least a hurricane on the mainland), our government mobilizes to make massive federal…

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September 22 2017

Happiness,Living in Brooklyn

A Cardinal Story

Ever since last winter when we hung a bird feeder off our fire escape and started spending time staring out the window, we have seen a male and female cardinal most days.  I’ve always wondered if it was the same couple that I saw every day.  I just…

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September 06 2017

Consumerism,Greater Good

Buy Your Stuff from B Corps to Save the World

I don’t want to frighten anyone by unleashing my inner Che Guevara, but I have a lot of complaints about stuff. A crappy cable monopoly just bought my existing crappy cable monopoly and now my crappy cable service is just as crappy, except also more expensive. I also…

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August 15 2017

Family,Happiness,Health & Wellbeing

Great Beginner Family Hikes in Lake Placid

When we went on our first family trip to Lake Placid a few years back, hiking wasn’t really on our minds.  With a three year old in tow, we were more interested in leisurely swimming in a calm lake, kayaking, going in the pool and maybe even playing…

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