May 29 2016

Saving Money

Why I’m Doing Without a Big Vacation this Summer

I’m the first person to say that, of all the things we spend money on, vacation is the one we shouldn’t feel guilty about.  Ordering out too much?  Bad.  Getting your kids trinkets every time they ask?  Not a good idea. Buying more clothes that you…

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May 26 2016

Living in Brooklyn

Surviving Brooklyn Housing Costs

I moved to my Brooklyn neighborhood during my tender 20’s to escape the roomate-necessitating rents of Manhattan.  I got my very first solo apartment here and it was in an affordable, safe and nice neighborhood.  Fast forward 15 years and I’m still here, except like…

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May 18 2016


Counting Your Minutes…

I’m obsessed with time management, productivity and being efficient. We all want to spend our time more meaningfully, but distraction and wasted time (er, online usually) are the scourge of our modern way of life. So my radar is high for articles like the NY Times story by…

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May 11 2016

Credit cards

Is Your Personal Info Safe?

Have you ever seen John Oliver’s Apple spoof? It’s hysterical but pretty effed up. We  all just ignore the uncomfortable truth about our personal information, just floating around out there, otherwise we’d have to have daily freak outs.  So we try not to think about&#8230…

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May 06 2016

Busy-ness,Productivity,Saving Money

The Productivity Spending Trap

Living and working in NYC, I suffer supremely from our national affliction of “busy-ness.”  You know, that very common condition where you basically look, and even feel, extremely busy, rushed and overwhelmed, even if you just spent half your day reading the internet. For some people, it’s…

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