June 27 2016

Living in Brooklyn

Vanishing New York

My dad is from the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  When my sisters and I were younger, every year for Christmas, his gift to our family was front row tickets to a Broadway show.  We’d always go to dinner afterward and oftentimes, to his old neighborhood… special…

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June 27 2016


10 Minute Pantry Dinner

Not having the energy, the time, the ingredients or the sheer will to cook dinner is the bane of every working mother’s existence. It busts your budget, it sends you into mother guilt, it stresses you out. Here’s an easy go-to that can be a…

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June 21 2016


Finding Your Own Way to Mindfulness

If you’re anything like me you’re constantly searching for ways to bring some sanity into an overly busy, overly stressful, overly complicated world.  Why is it *So Difficult*?  I can tell you all the advice you’ll ever need in 7 bullets and it&#8217…

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June 17 2016

Saving Money

Inexpensive Gift Idea for Teachers

I banged this out last night as a gift to my children’s teachers… personalized mason jars filled with the Magnolia Bakery banana pudding recipe.  I still donated to the cash gift funds, but there is an attachment and a gratitude you feel with those early grade teachers…

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June 16 2016

Living in Brooklyn

Hi! We’re the Gun Industry…

And nothing gets our sales going like a good old fashioned American-style gun massacre. It’s true that every time a major killing occurs, we make… a major killing.  Funny story, but the gorier, the better, actually.  Weapons of war really help to sew the greatest possible…

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June 14 2016


When Your 401K is Terrible

The realization of how little my retirement savings has amounted to is one of the main motivations I have had for starting this blog.  I have been working for nearly two decades, I’m a reasonably smart girl and I have always put money into my 401K.  We all…

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June 12 2016


Blogging, Month 2, Notes to Self

Revelations of a technologically illiterate, tiny green shoot of a blogger… -Content must remain Number One focus for some time to come. –CrowdFire has been helpful for building Twitter following. -Following people who re-tweet or like stories that are in my wheelhouse is another good and easy…

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June 09 2016

City Living with Kids

Give the Kids a Break…

As the school year winds down, I am finally starting to sip a demitasse of sanity. Cub Scouts, done. Wolf Badge, procured! Kid Kickboxing, over.  One more Saturday of Little League.  My children are by no means super-scheduled, but even just one or two activities are enough to keep…

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June 03 2016

Time Management

Racking Up “Awesomeness Points”

My little one has a habit of crying over lots of things.  It’s ok, he’s 4.  But it’s still kind of annoying, so in our typical parent quest to get him to cry less, we made a little chart that highlights all the times…

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