September 22 2016

Happiness,Health & Wellbeing

What If We Didn’t Have to Fear Old Age?

Many people despair at the idea of growing old.  I am old enough now that I’ve witnessed some of the people I know and love change quite a bit with age. They have evolved into less happy versions of their younger selves. I can say very honestly that…

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September 17 2016

City Living with Kids

Financial Survival Guide for City Families

The decision to raise your children in an expensive metropolis can turn into a mental argument that you re-litigate inside your head daily.  You love your home, but struggle against the constant tide of things working against you.  Everything usually boils down to money, which could fix many of…

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September 12 2016


The Ballad of the American Working Parent

I hope that by the time my children become parents, American society will have progressed to become a more enlightened place to raise a family. I enjoy working.  But if I didn’t have to work, I probably wouldn’t.  No matter how much you may enjoy your…

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September 08 2016

Health & Wellbeing,Living in Brooklyn

Get Ready for the Demands & Delights of Fall

School has begun, there’s a brisk note in the air and time already feels as if it’s speeding up faster than Robert Downy Jr. at the Less Than Zero wrap party. Fall is the best time of year in New York. But getting back into those…

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