October 26 2016


Riding in Cars with Boys

Most of our relatives live within driving distance.  So we are often packing our boys up to take a road trip to one family member’s house or another.  Or a ski mountain or some other family friendly destination.  I’m ok with this because I absolutely hate…

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October 23 2016


Beware the Outrage Industry

As we continue our tragic descent through the mud of the ugliest presidential campaign in modern memory, one thing stands out to me: we’ve arrived in an age of constant outrage.  Our little outrage buttons are just primed to be pushed by whatever is in the news on…

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October 18 2016

Happiness,Health & Wellbeing

Why You Really Should Take a Hike

Frederick Law Olmsted, the famed landscape architect behind Brooklyn’s beloved Prospect Park (and that other park across the East River) once wrote, “It is a scientific fact that the occasional contemplation of natural scenes of an impressive character … is favorable to the health and vigor of…

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October 07 2016

Living in Brooklyn

Renter Blues, AC Edition

Renting instead of owning is definitely not my preference.  We do it because we have no choice.  Though we do enjoy the upside of being debt-free, including mortgage-free.  But there are times when you cannot help but being extremely frustrated by the lack of control that is present…

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October 05 2016

Living in Brooklyn

My Debt Free Story

I started the week off with some trepidation because I knew it was going to be a bit of a rough week at work.  And it did not disappoint! But thankfully, to offset my brooding, my friend Amanda over at Centsibly Rich included my story in her very awesome &#8220…

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October 02 2016

Happiness,Health & Wellbeing,Sanity

Bouncing Back from an Unfocused, Anxious Week

The past week has been the kind of stressful, self-defeating period that never fails to result in harsh self-judgement, anxious indecision and a complete breakdown of my ability to focus.  Pretty much my holy triumvirate of bad, bad, bad thought patterns. It all began, as it so often…

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