November 28 2016


Shopping is not your Civic Duty

The gospel of frugality has a lot of different branches.  Some people are looking to survive paychecks that don’t go far enough. Others embrace minimalism in the hope of finding peace and simplicity.  Some are working to ensure a secure, or even early, retirement. Many care about wastefulness…

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November 21 2016


So, Thanksgiving is Going to be Interesting…

The period from just before Halloween right up to Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year.  The warmth that comes during this period is something I revel in.  I’m always amazed at how I cannot get that warm feeling back after my holiday decorations come down…

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November 16 2016


Why We Need Santa

The  innocence of childhood is like a creamy white jug of milk – wholesome, pure, beautiful and marked with a looming expiration date.  All children must grow up. We wouldn’t have it any other way.  But those moments of revelation that leapfrog your child closer to their grown…

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November 11 2016

Living in Brooklyn

Feeling Small

In the aftermath of the election, I am having a hard time finding my way forward.  Nothing makes any sense, all of the sudden.  My job, never a huge focus of my life, feels absurd, pointless.  Reading the news feels equally useless.  Where has it gotten me to know what…

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November 01 2016


The 6-8 pm Makeover

Ask any working parents what the hardest part of the day is.  Mornings get all the limelight, but, for me, it’s no contest.  The 6-8 pm hours are the absolute most brutal of the day.  Few tasks are more herculean than orchestrating that minuscule window between getting…

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