I’m a working mother in NYC with a husband, two children and an Italian Greyhound. It is a house of cards that can (and sometimes does) come crashing down at the slightest breeze.

At any minute a child could need to stay home from school on a day you both have big meetings and the babysitter is in class.  Just like that… a stress sundae with everything on it.

Money is a huge stress when you are raising children in an expensive city. We rent because home ownership is cost prohibitive here. Childcare costs are also painful.  Add to this a workaholic culture and pressure to be always connected and  anxiety can become commonplace, even though, if we take a step back… life is great.

My husband and I have spent so much time talking about these things.  We’ve traded notes on our favorite authors and bloggers, strategies for decluttering, for meditating and putting things into perspective, for time management, productivity, budgeting and gratitude.   We’ve worked hard to fix the way we think, to make things better, to spend more wisely – both time and money.

Sometimes you just need reminders or a sign post.  All the best advice I’ve found is very intuitive – ideas that were like little blobs floating above my head but just needed to be given form or validation.  I would go to my favorite blogs looking for specific advice, but I realized that the value I came away with was a better mindset that spurred me to make my own changes and figure out my own strategies. It was the inspiration that I needed.  “6 Things Productive People Do” articles do not inspire me.  The hard won personal revelations of the writers and bloggers who have taken the time to consider life’s challenges thoughtfully very much have.

Living in the city with kids can be crazy hard and lots of people give up and move out, despite all the upside.  But I am planning on making it work – all of it.  life, money, kids, sanity for all!

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