January 10 2017

City Living with Kids,Family,Happiness

The Upside of Losing Your Cool

My oldest son turned 9 this past week, and I am aghast over how all the little changes that have been quietly adding up over the past decade suddenly seem to have happened all at once, overnight.  Who is this tall boy creating his own video games and animations on…

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December 12 2016

Family,Saving Money

Five Christmas Gifts for My Kids that Won’t be Money Wasted

I actually think my sons were trolling me this week by playing with toys from last Christmas that they have not looked at since December 26th.   Is it possible they are actually trying to upend my quest not to waste my money this year? Every year I end up buying…

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November 21 2016


So, Thanksgiving is Going to be Interesting…

The period from just before Halloween right up to Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year.  The warmth that comes during this period is something I revel in.  I’m always amazed at how I cannot get that warm feeling back after my holiday decorations come down…

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November 16 2016


Why We Need Santa

The  innocence of childhood is like a creamy white jug of milk – wholesome, pure, beautiful and marked with a looming expiration date.  All children must grow up. We wouldn’t have it any other way.  But those moments of revelation that leapfrog your child closer to their grown…

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November 01 2016


The 6-8 pm Makeover

Ask any working parents what the hardest part of the day is.  Mornings get all the limelight, but, for me, it’s no contest.  The 6-8 pm hours are the absolute most brutal of the day.  Few tasks are more herculean than orchestrating that minuscule window between getting…

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October 26 2016


Riding in Cars with Boys

Most of our relatives live within driving distance.  So we are often packing our boys up to take a road trip to one family member’s house or another.  Or a ski mountain or some other family friendly destination.  I’m ok with this because I absolutely hate…

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August 31 2016

City Living with Kids,Family

Top Five Picks for Family Game Night

At our house, any night that we can make family game night happen, is a good night.  Finishing dinner, getting baths and homework out of the way, and prying phones, ipads and video games out of everyone’s hands is an accomplishment on par with completing the New York…

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August 24 2016

Family,Living in Brooklyn,Sanity

What We’ve Lost as We’ve Gotten Richer

I have always been struck by how my grandparents, aunts and uncles on both my mother’s and my father’s side said the same unbelievable phrase to me: “We didn’t know we were poor!”  I have marveled at this my whole life.  How…

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June 27 2016


10 Minute Pantry Dinner

Not having the energy, the time, the ingredients or the sheer will to cook dinner is the bane of every working mother’s existence. It busts your budget, it sends you into mother guilt, it stresses you out. Here’s an easy go-to that can be a…

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