December 22 2017

Busy-ness,Happiness,Living in Brooklyn,Productivity

Obsessive Productivity Disorder

Do you ever have a day where you get into bed at night and your legs hurt because you have literally been running around for 15 hours straight with the possible exception of two small breaks sitting down while eating in front of the computer? This actually happens to me…

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November 01 2016


The 6-8 pm Makeover

Ask any working parents what the hardest part of the day is.  Mornings get all the limelight, but, for me, it’s no contest.  The 6-8 pm hours are the absolute most brutal of the day.  Few tasks are more herculean than orchestrating that minuscule window between getting…

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August 19 2016

Health & Wellbeing,Productivity,Sanity,Time Management

A Week of Mental Decluttering

There are times when circumstance offers you a little chance to do a reset.  You should try not to miss those opportunities.  For me, it was my children being at their grandparents house for a whole week.  If there is one thing being child free offers, it is the ability…

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August 09 2016

Health & Wellbeing,Productivity,Work

How Not to Let Email Ruin Your Life

Exhausted, but Unable to Disconnect: The Impact of Email-related Organizational Expectations on Work-family Balance could the boring-est ever title for the story of my life.  But actually it’s the title of new study which concludes that all of those after-hours emails that we are…

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May 18 2016


Counting Your Minutes…

I’m obsessed with time management, productivity and being efficient. We all want to spend our time more meaningfully, but distraction and wasted time (er, online usually) are the scourge of our modern way of life. So my radar is high for articles like the NY Times story by…

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May 06 2016

Busy-ness,Productivity,Saving Money

The Productivity Spending Trap

Living and working in NYC, I suffer supremely from our national affliction of “busy-ness.”  You know, that very common condition where you basically look, and even feel, extremely busy, rushed and overwhelmed, even if you just spent half your day reading the internet. For some people, it’s…

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