December 29 2016

Happiness,Health & Wellbeing,Sanity

Books & Music are the Cure for your Internet-Induced Brain Malaise

I spend a fair amount of time online, like many people in the first world on planet Earth.  And like many of those people, I recognize that it is crushing my soul, even as I struggle to tear myself away. I ask myself, over and over… Why am I…

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December 19 2016


A Moment to Acknowledge Reality & the Poor

At this time of year, some people take a moment to reflect on the poor.  Others, of course, dedicate their lives to the the poor.  But many people who are not poor do not spend a lot of time thinking about the poor. “The poor.”  Sounds like a…

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November 28 2016


Shopping is not your Civic Duty

The gospel of frugality has a lot of different branches.  Some people are looking to survive paychecks that don’t go far enough. Others embrace minimalism in the hope of finding peace and simplicity.  Some are working to ensure a secure, or even early, retirement. Many care about wastefulness…

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November 01 2016


The 6-8 pm Makeover

Ask any working parents what the hardest part of the day is.  Mornings get all the limelight, but, for me, it’s no contest.  The 6-8 pm hours are the absolute most brutal of the day.  Few tasks are more herculean than orchestrating that minuscule window between getting…

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October 23 2016


Beware the Outrage Industry

As we continue our tragic descent through the mud of the ugliest presidential campaign in modern memory, one thing stands out to me: we’ve arrived in an age of constant outrage.  Our little outrage buttons are just primed to be pushed by whatever is in the news on…

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October 02 2016

Happiness,Health & Wellbeing,Sanity

Bouncing Back from an Unfocused, Anxious Week

The past week has been the kind of stressful, self-defeating period that never fails to result in harsh self-judgement, anxious indecision and a complete breakdown of my ability to focus.  Pretty much my holy triumvirate of bad, bad, bad thought patterns. It all began, as it so often…

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August 24 2016

Family,Living in Brooklyn,Sanity

What We’ve Lost as We’ve Gotten Richer

I have always been struck by how my grandparents, aunts and uncles on both my mother’s and my father’s side said the same unbelievable phrase to me: “We didn’t know we were poor!”  I have marveled at this my whole life.  How…

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August 19 2016

Health & Wellbeing,Productivity,Sanity,Time Management

A Week of Mental Decluttering

There are times when circumstance offers you a little chance to do a reset.  You should try not to miss those opportunities.  For me, it was my children being at their grandparents house for a whole week.  If there is one thing being child free offers, it is the ability…

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July 21 2016


My Weekend Field Trip to the Land of the Comically Wealthy

During my summer of no expensive vacations, I’ve been trying to take advantage of  weekend trips to the homes of friends and family members that lend themselves well to summertime recreation.  It’s a great way to see the people we care about while taking a much…

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July 09 2016


It Might be Time for a Media Diet

Imagine how improved our society could be if the news was a public service, like the old days, and not a form of entertainment, vying for viewers and ad dollars with headlines that are barely a step above click-bait such as “celebrities you can’t believe are…

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