January 05 2018

Health & Wellbeing,Saving Money

Economy, Grace & Eating Well: Trick Yourself into Doing Better

By now, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I’m never going to be the willfully perfect person of my fantasies.  Even as I’ve figured out how to make some meaningful improvements in my life, sometimes I need to tap into my hard…

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May 30 2017

Health & Wellbeing,Living in Brooklyn,Money,Saving Money

The Ungodly Number of Companies We Enrich

I will admit that I’m a Northeastern liberal cliche.  Go ahead – laugh. My borough is a liberal punchline to the country, my neighborhood a liberal punchline to the city and I say with zero irony or humor that kale is my absolute favorite food. Words like &#8220…

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February 27 2017

Money,Retirement,Saving Money

Investors Fighting Back as a New Era of Unregulated Greed Unfolds

As you may have noticed, the news is pretty crazy right now.  The volume is ear-splitting and we only have so much bandwidth.  A lot of important stories are eluding notice.  One thing you might not have heard about is the pretty fundamental shift that’s taking place…

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February 22 2017

City Living with Kids,Family,Happiness,Living in Brooklyn,Money,Saving Money

Freedom is Groovy feat. Brooklyn Bread…

The title of my imaginary number one hip hop single! Except, even better.  Because, for real, today my friends over at Freedom is Groovy were kind enough to include an essay of mine on their blog about how our normal middle class working family deals with the soul-crushing costs…

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February 14 2017

City Living with Kids,Family,Happiness,Health & Wellbeing,Saving Money

Family Skiing Near NYC That Won’t Bankrupt You

Skiing is one of the great pleasures of life.  I say this a someone who is a terrible skier.  But it doesn’t matter, because for some people, skiing is mainly about being out on a beautiful mountain surrounded by nature, snow and views.  I am a Nervous Nelly…

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December 12 2016

Family,Saving Money

Five Christmas Gifts for My Kids that Won’t be Money Wasted

I actually think my sons were trolling me this week by playing with toys from last Christmas that they have not looked at since December 26th.   Is it possible they are actually trying to upend my quest not to waste my money this year? Every year I end up buying…

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July 31 2016

Saving Money

Costco vs. Boxed vs. Jet

Sorting out my dysfunctional relationship with my money, I embarked on a project that for many people is so basic as to be laughable: Knowing the price of things. As obvious as this sounds, such knowledge has eluded my notice or ability to remember, in any meaningful way, the price…

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July 11 2016

Saving Money

Things Add Up

I stumbled upon a great Cashville Skyline blog post recently that pondered the question “why is it that as a society, we are so enamored of the idea of frugality,  yet we are not actually saving? ” I started thinking about it, and I realized, it doesn’t…

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June 17 2016

Saving Money

Inexpensive Gift Idea for Teachers

I banged this out last night as a gift to my children’s teachers… personalized mason jars filled with the Magnolia Bakery banana pudding recipe.  I still donated to the cash gift funds, but there is an attachment and a gratitude you feel with those early grade teachers…

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May 29 2016

Saving Money

Why I’m Doing Without a Big Vacation this Summer

I’m the first person to say that, of all the things we spend money on, vacation is the one we shouldn’t feel guilty about.  Ordering out too much?  Bad.  Getting your kids trinkets every time they ask?  Not a good idea. Buying more clothes that you…

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