May 23 2016
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The End of School Year Breakdowns Begin…

May will be the month I lose it. The wrapping up of the school year amounts to a violent fit of stuff that needs to happen and be paid for.   School shows (not free!), teacher gifts (I’ve put money into something called hip chip so many times I have no idea what I have donated to), the end of year picnic (I volunteered to bring forks).  I even scored a pregnant teacher this year, which resulted in each kid being asked to give the gift of “their favorite baby book.”  Can’t we do hip chip?!

Cub Scouts is wrapping up and we need to pay for the upcoming camping trip (money well spent) and worry that we have not taken enough time to help our son do all the stuff in his Cub Scouts book.  So if he is not presented with an exciting badge at the last meeting, the fail is on us.  The Cub Scouts, I’m learning, are, like, way NOT into the whole trophy for showing up thing. (UPDATE – Wolf Badge secured – whoop!)

Busy-ness alarms blaring all over the place.

There were two first communions in the past two weeks (one of them our son’s, which meant going broke hosting our large family).  And every single family member of mine who wasn’t receiving first communion was celebrating their birthday.  WTF, mom?  Never was there a woman with more precise execution in regard to pregnancy planning.  She knew what her optimal time of year for giving birth was.  And it was May.

But truthfully, I know my angst is really about the thing I dread most – my inevitable inability to hold it together at the end of the school year, as I ponder (more than usual) the deeply poignant process of my children growing up.

I walked past my son’s school today on my way home from an errand and watched him playing, carefree, with his friends in the school yard.  I closed my eyes and took a mental snap shot.  It filled me with happiness and contentment to think of the beauty of life and the innocence of childhood.  That’s the feeling I’ll take through the day.  Even as I sign up to volunteer for the end of year carnival.  Which naturally costs $15 per ticket.

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